We measure the strength of a sport on the possibility of being able to attract the interest of new boys and girls. The Cross-Tri Academy was born from the desire, but even more the need to give life to a discipline as spectacular as it is healthy as the cross triathlon. Three disciplines come together in a single sport, they feed themselves and encourage children to learn on three different fronts.

X-Tribe method

Working method studied ad hoc for the Academy in order to level the state of learning and advancement.

PRO technicians

Regular and organized coaching with the presence of X-Tribe technicians.

National Camps

National camp organization for cultural and sports exchange for all Academy members.


Organization of meetings between neighboring companies to increase motivation and harmony.

XTerra race

Creation of a “XTERRA Kids” racing circuit in which all the young people of the Academy can meet for free.


Supply of X-Tribe team uniform, body and branded equipment.


The Academy intends to carry out a program of gradual approach to cross, passing through the improvement of skills for each of the three disciplines. Create a network around each individual reality that can share the same values, join in events of human and sporting growth for young participants through camps, local colleges between neighboring companies and a circuit of competitions under the brand XTERRA that they can first of all give the young person the opportunity to put to good use what he has learned and in a second moment give space to those who believe in competitive spirit and want to progress and grow.

age group

6 – 9

baby level

Initiation to general physical activity by mountain bike and off-road racing. Acquisition of basic driving skills. Approach to swimming.

10 – 13

level guys

Motor activity and acquisition of advanced driving skills to tackle higher level obstacles. Hiking on Trail, single track both in Mtb and trail. Improvement of swimming activities and competition simulation.

14 – 17

youth level

Introduction to competitive activity with athletic training and improvement of driving skills. Refinement of driving and off-road racing through ad hoc routes. Acquisition of advanced swimming styles in pools and in open water.




Country with XTERRA Races


Specialized Coaches

Why triathlon?

Three disciplines come together in a single sport, they feed themselves and encourage children to learn on three different fronts. The swimming, which has always been considered one of the sports par "excellence" thanks to the natural predisposition to physical growth of children and young people and the total lack of contraindications. There race, in this case in nature, in the woods, in parks, in the mountains, an activity to which every child is naturally predisposed from the very first steps. The bicycle, the mountain bike, all children's dream.

The Academy will be a place of human growth, rather than sports, which will have the supreme goal of giving young people moments of play, sport and respect.


The swimming activity in open water, the scene of the cross triathlon, is profoundly different from the activity carried out in the pool. The first important difficulty for those who face open water, sea or lake is to orient themselves in always different environments with few points of reference. Another important difference lies in the difficulty of seeing which leads to the lack of orientation during the swim. All this, together with the presence of the group of other participants in the competitions, makes the swimming fractions difficult to interpret and manage without the necessary precautions.





Mountain biking turns out to be the most important part of a cross triathlon race. Particular attention will therefore be paid to the acquisition of skills from the very first stages of participation in the courses. The division of hours by activity will take this need into account by focusing strongly on safety on bicycles, both on the road and off-road, and mastery in dealing with increasingly greater obstacles.


Mountain running as it is used to call trail running or off-road running has particular needs for gradual adaptation to be addressed. The balance difficulties on uneven terrain require an ad hoc approach to be able to form an effective race suitable for the roughness of the different terrains that will be tackled. Running on mud or slippery ground is as adrenaline-pumping as it is tiring and challenging. We will learn it together.

Academy Coach

Emanuele Iannarilli

Cross TRI Founder
XTERRA athlete, cross triathlon enthusiast, mountain biker and all-round sportsman. In 2020 he challenges what for athletes seems to be one of the toughest XTERRA stages in the world thirty times in thirty days, completing the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD attempt on July 18th. Creator of the Cross-Tri blog, reporter, storyteller, he guides the project in its dissemination, supporting local coaches and creating an environment around the Academy that brings back to the XTERRA atmosphere that all athletes know.

Alex Miconi

XTERRA Italy Technical Director
Triathlete, ultrarunner, skialper, mountaineer. XTERRA Italy technical director for the Lake Scanno and Dolomiti-Paganella competitions. Fitri Technician, Mid-Mountain Guide of the Abruzzo Alpine Guides College, with specialization in snow science courses. MTB Instructor and FCI Tourist Cycle Sports Guide, ACSI / SIeB Tourist Cycle Guide (Italian e-Bike School).

Gianpietro De Faveri

FITRI technician "the Master"
Gianpietro De Faveri professional athlete until 2013, first race held in 1987, winner of 141 international competitions, 14 absolute Italian titles (sprint, Olympic, double Olympic, long, XTERRA) 6 absolute Italian team titles. 20 European Team Championships, 60 World Cups, 40 XTERRA European Championships. Swimming technician, currently triathlon technician of his team in Vittorio Veneto.

Moreno Di LAbio

XTERRA Official Coach
Professional Coach, to discover the potential and raise awareness of athletes. 3rd Level Mountain Bike Master, National Cycling Instructor and Sport Tourist Cycle Guide. Contact person for MTB and off-road cycling instructors for the FCI Abruzzo committee. Member of the National Commission of MTB and off-road cycling teachers FCI; collaborates with the FCI Study Center and is qualified as XTERRA Coach for cross triathlon. Designs and builds pump track circuits. Group Cycling Trainer at fitness centers.

Omar Aschero

FITRI technician
Born in Sanremo where he swam up to 21 years. Last season held with the Armed Forces group of the Italian Navy. Master Swimmer, Triathlete. Swimming instructor and FITRI technician. Summoned to the national youth rally. He trains in the Triathlon sector of the Sanremo Like Swim Sports Society, with some athletes of national interest. He then became passionate about the discipline of mountain biking and this passion made him know the XTERRA Community and therefore he chose to promote Cross Triathlon to his boys, who gave him great satisfaction by becoming passionate and falling in love with this sport that binds so much. sport to nature.

Stefano Davite

Federal Technician for Cross FITRI Project
Stefano Davite, FITRI technician since 2009, a good level athlete born in cycling, has competed for about 15 years, starting from the youth categories up to the under 23 categories, both on the road and in mtb, passed to Triathlon and fell in love with Cross. He has participated in almost all XTERRA in Europe - some also in the USA and in 2009 he participated in the XTERRA final in HAWAII, finishing 40th overall among the elites and 3rd in the AGE GROUP 20-24 category, he has won some Cross Triathlons in Italy and at the abroad between 2009 and 2016. He has been working in Triathlon as a full-fledged coach for 360 years, he lives sport all day long. He is a coach on the field, he teaches to run, swim and ride a bike, to triathletes of all levels. Technical Manager of the Frecce Bianche Triathlon Society where he created and developed the youth sector, loving this discipline. For 13 years he has been Federal Technician in the Cross sector of FITRI, the first two years the Junior Category then also Under 6 and Elite, where he developed together with Massimo Galletti - Head of Cross Triathlon FITRI - the technical activity participating in many Europe Triathlon championships and World Triathlon with several podiums and also first places of the Triathletes of the National Team.

Academy Fee


8 lessons
body company (+ 40 €)


18 lessons
body company (+ 20 €)


26 lessons
body company

+ 20 € cross tri academy registration
with fitri card

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